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We're planting 2 trees for every order

Celebrate Earth Day and help us take collective action to build a sustainable tomorrow.

Reforestation with Ecologi

This Earth Day, We are thrilled to announce that our parent company Martin & Pleasance have partnered with Ecologi, who provide climate solution services, to enable us to plant 2 trees for every online order placed via our website. This is allowing us to further work towards achieving our sustainability goals, playing a pivotal role in supporting the health of our planet.


Impactful climate solutions.
Ecologi work with a range reforestation partners, such as Eden Reforestation Projects, who, with the support of businesses like us, are growing millions of trees per month. For more information about the projects Ecologi fund, visit Ecologi

Collectively Action

Together, Ecologi's community members are making a huge impact to restore biodiversity and tackle the climate crisis


Reducing our environmental footprint

Happily Second Hand!

We understand the detrimental environmental effects plastic is having on our planet. It’s dangerous to both humans and wildlife. Because of this, we converted all our packaging to rPet plastic. rPet -plastic is made from 100% recyclable plastic products and is 100% recyclable. It requires less energy to produce, and means we are repurposing old plastic to make sure it doesn’t end up in landfill and ultimately in our rivers, seas and oceans.

Powered by Renewables

Martin & Pleasance HQ in Melbourne, Australia has installed solar panels on its roof to contribute to renewable energy production, and work towards the vision of becoming carbon neutral business. As a company, we will continue to take an active role in reducing our environmental footprint & make the protection of our climate & our environment a priority in everything we do as a business.

COSMOS Organic Personal Care

Better for your health, and the environment. That matters most to us. The COSMOS-standard signature is a global consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics that you can trust, with stringent measures a manufacture must comply with to receive the certification. Click to learn more.