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Good hair days start with scalp health!

Good hair days start with scalp health!

Good hair days start at the roots

You’re lathering your hair with expensive shampoos and conditioners, you’re working a weekly mask through the lengths and you're giving your ends a deep treatment as often as you possibly can. So why isn’t your hair reciprocating the love you’re giving it?

The secret to truly healthy-looking hair is often overlooked- and it all starts at the scalp.

We spend so much time (and money) caring for the lengths of our hair and our scalp is often neglected. Scalp care is an important part of hair care, it’s important that our hair care routine encompasses a scalp treatment, too. So, for healthier looking hair, it’s time to embrace “skinification.”

What is skinification?

A relatively new term in the hair care space, skinification is far more than a beauty buzzword. At its simplest, skinification refers to the use of hair care formulas with the same high efficacy ingredients as your facial skincare.

Our scalp is, of course, our skin too- so why do we so rarely treat it with the care we give the rest of our skin? Skinification is all about treating your scalp the same multi-layered way you approach your skin, and it’s the secret to seriously healthy hair.

Why is scalp health so important?

We place so much emphasis on the lengths and ends of our hair, but the secret to a good hair day starts where the hair itself starts- the scalp!

The roots of the hair begin at the scalp, so if your scalp is congested or unhealthy, it can prevent your hair from growing healthy and strong. As the hair grows from follicles found on the scalp, it’s important to ensure those follicles are clean and clear. Follicles that are congested with oils or scalp build-up, blocked by dry cells or are under-nourished will lead to lackluster and unhealthy-looking hair.

In the same way we treat blocked facial pores with a multi-step routine, it’s important that we treat our scalp with a similar approach.