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Why A Non Toxic Deodorant Should Be On Your Shopping List

Why A Non Toxic Deodorant Should Be On Your Shopping List

Although sweating is a natural detoxification process of the body, there is no denying the odour produced when sweat and bacteria meet is not the most desirable.

What many people do not realise however is, while we can prevent the smell, blocking the production of sweat is dangerous and can cause a toxic buildup that may lead to more severe conditions.

Aluminium compounds within antiperspirant deodorants block our sweat ducts and temporarily stop the flow of sweat. This essentially means we are feeding toxins into the exact system try to remove them.

Additionally, other chemicals in these conventional deodorants can affect the ideal balance of bacteria and not to mention wreck havoc on our hormones, pores and skin. After using these toxins for extended periods of time your bodies, natural detoxification process will be affected, which can take some time to be revered.

What do you do instead? The solution is simple; switch to an all-natural or organic alternative.

Although there is doubt about its effectiveness, all natural deodorants have been proven to be just as effective as antiperspirants in reducing the odour caused by sweating. Many natural deodorants include baking soda, which can, in fact, prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming instead of merely covering up the smell or blocking our bodies natural process.

At this stage you might have one question on your mind

“But will I still sweat?”

The short answer is yes. Our bodies were designed to sweat! Not only is this a detoxification process, but sweating is how our bodies regulate its temperature.

Sweating is a natural process that happens to all of us so EMBRACE IT and stay stink free with a healthy natural alternative.

Organic Formulations deodorants not only smell delightful but are COSMOs certified organic by the , cruelty-free and vegan. With eleven different scents in both spray and roll-on, there is something for everyone. (and even a fragrance-free for the more sensitive of armpits!)